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Friday, November 18, 2011

Winners & Happy Thanksgiving!

$125 Holiday Kit & @Workman Mom Calendar (5)

I hate announcing winners - because I would prefer that you all win. So...on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (the 29th) I will give away ANOTHER $125 Christmas Gift Kit + 5 surprises. So come back here then - please!

Today's winners are:

First: $125 Christmas Kit
  • @MsMorev
Second: 5 @Workman Mom Calendars
  • @plumsage
  • @pizzalogger
  • @kwillsmom
  • @VectoringMomma
  • @natmmom
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friends. And many TY HUGS for entering!



  1. Thank you so much Ellen! The Mom Calendar will help me keep track of my little guys' appointments and events!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! :D

  2. TY for the notes on my little blog:-) I think that you all are the first ones. Love it!


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