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Friday, May 18, 2012

Soaking in the true joy of Summer!

Are you a "Summer" or "Winter" person?

This is kind of a frivolous topic for a blog, I know. But I can't help but wallow in the joy that summer gives me. Even though I'm fully aware that (misguided) others prefer cold weather.

I grew up where it was very cold (Indiana) with most of my family nearby in Chicago. In both places, it got cold. Very cold. And stayed cold. A long time. Until the lilacs, dogwoods, peonies and greens of Spring finally came along to give me hope. For summer. No more boots, heavy coats, heavy pants, scarves, caps and sweaters. It was like losing 10 pounds overnight!

Of course, I always hoped that Autumn or "Fall" would never come. It always did. Leaves, pumpkins and cider are great in Indiana. But the dread (winter!) was too heavy to enjoy them.

So where did I go away to school? Michigan. Ann Arbor to be specific. Can you even believe it?My father was a big Big 10 person and that was that. So try to find a warm-weather school in the Big 10. How about Minnesota?

 I met my husband, John, at Michigan (which I did and do adore - Go Blue!). I call him my Knight in Shining Armor since he took me away to Dallas. Here, it's about 8 months of Summer.

And right now, as I look out through the green trees and landscape of my back yard, I feel nothing but gratitude. It's time to go out and water, trim and weed. It's a tiny price to pay for Paradise, right?

Happy weekend, everyone!


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