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Friday, August 3, 2012

Learning Apple is like having a baby!

Okay. So I'm a late adaptor of iPhone.

But it's only because I had to be "ready" to commit time to do it right. By myself. Without anyone standing over me and making me nervous. Sad to say, I am a s-l-o-w learner.

My history with technology is a sad story.
You'd never know that IBM recruited me when I finished school. I'm a great marketeer in my genetics, like my father. I write and I sell. Everything else is frills.

IBM almost didn't hire me because they tested my "machine logic" at "ZERO." That's the exact word they used. Who knew about this machine skill? But they were pretty matter-of-fact when they told me about it.

So we're looking at a machine company deciding whether to hire a hopeless non-techie to sell and market their products (me). Luckily, IBM took the plunge and we made great music for 10 years - until I started my own agency. In fact, they were my first client. Gotta love that company!

And it never got better.
Sadly, however, their "machine logic" test proved to be true. Whenever it's time for me to learn new software, equipment or even an app, I'm in misery. Without machine logic, I have to try and try and learn a little bit at a time. I make 8 mistakes to reach every small success. I quit a learning session when I get a headache and my neck says to leave it alone.

Especially in the world of "i."
The biggest challenge has been getting my iPhone, iPad and computer "synced" in the iCloud and iTunes and getting all the stuff working together. And, if you can believe it, I actually bought a scary-small iPod nano last week (don't ask!). So now I have three iDevices - plus a Kindle and Kindle Fire. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland falling down an endless rabbit hole into a land of strangeness.

The biggest joy was when I taught myself to transfer iPhone pics to my computer, then send "good" pics to Dropbox and Photobucket and then to Shutterfly for prints which I got back in the mail. I know I'd better practice that because I'm already wondering how I even did it. Maybe it was an accidental alignment of the stars like the Big Bang!

Laughs and tears aside, I am really proud of myself. And getting onboard with the world of "i" is like having a baby: the pain is awesome...but the results are worth it! 

Did I mention that I LOVE Apple?

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