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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fw: Speak up!

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Make your voice count when you say it like you mean it!
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Your Voice Counts!
By John Elwell
Every day, I listen to my clients talk about the state of the economy and the adverse effect it's having on their business, personal income and overall spending. The recession has grown long for most of us, and I share your concerns. And, to a certain extent, I can help you financially by identifying tax savings and helping you build your tax-free retirement account.
The best place to use your voice to make a difference, however, is the voting booth. I realize it's difficult to believe that our votes actually count. But one thing I know for sure: voting is our only option for speaking up and playing a role in creating our own destiny. As Americans, we can say what we mean in confidentiality, without penalty.
Selecting a President is just one of your votes. Many State and local candidates – ones whose views can affect our daily lives as much as a President can – are also up for your selection and election. Our new Texas Senator, city council representatives, judges and many other officials will help shape our future.
Many of you know that I come from the "apple pie" part of the U.S. – Ohio and Michigan. Ellen is from Indiana. In those states, Election Day is almost as big a day of celebration as the State Fair (the major annual event in the land of farms).
So with this mindset, I sincerely hope that each of you decides to experience the excitement of voting for "your" candidates. And whether they win or lose, you are an important part of this great process. Your vote is just as important as Donald Trump's or Warren Buffet's! Every vote is equal.
Below are some good online resources – with links - for finding out where to vote, studying up on the candidates for every office, and getting answers to any election-related questions you may have.
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