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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Live high, save lots!

Lots of people really enjoy shopping in malls and retail stores
I’m not one of them! Especially when I’m looking for something in particular and end up going from store to store to find it (or not). I love being able to locate things quickly, compare prices, find discounts and generally be in control of the shopping experience.

If you don’t relish the thought of spending hours at Galleria, Northpark or the outlet malls, here are some of the sites regularly use to save time and money.

Promotion Codes for Online Stores
Never check out your shopping basket without searching for a “promotion” code for that store. If you remember to do this consistently, you can save hundreds of dollars each year in discounts and shipping fees. Here are some great sites for promotion codes:

“Flash” Sites
If you don’t know about free flash sites, you’re in for a treat! They have extensive daily listings for major brands - up to 80% off! If you like designer labels for clothes, kitchen appliances, towels, pillows, shoes jeans, jewelry and more, sign up for daily email at any (or all!) of these flash sites:
  • – the “granddaddy” of flash sites, Groupon’s daily offers often seem to be too good to be true! This is my favorite flash site by far. And I’ve been 100% happy with every one of my purchases.
  • – their offerings are often spectacular and always top quality. For example, a beautiful $150 Brooks Brothers shirt was selling for $39 on the daily “Today’s Fix”… and I bought it. If you buy one item and pay shipping, you can ship all other purchases free - for the entire month.
  • – this top-quality site has wonderful daily offerings. However, it’s almost impossible to get free shipping.
  • – for authentic and valuable jewelry, this auction site is a real discovery. Don’t buy anything until you visit a few times and see how the “game” goes. Wedding or anniversary ring? You can get whatever you want for ¼ the original price or less! 
I am a relentless shopper for 4-star hotels at 1-star prices! Last year, I persevered until I got the Wynn in Las Vegas for an unbelievable $80/night. Two weeks ago, for a last-minute business trip to New York, I booked the new mid-town Hyatt for an average $140/night (all fees included!). To save so much money, I combine a lot of different techniques and website searches.

General Tips
Book plane tickets as far in advance as possible for the best selection and rates.
  • Start shopping for a hotel just 2-3 weeks ahead so that you’ll get the benefit of “last minute” cancellations, “leftovers.” and other unexpected hotel situations. Hotels would rather book their last empty rooms at very low fees vs. take an “empty bed” loss.
  • Visit my favorite “Bargain Travel Websites” below to enter your travel information.
  • Sign up for ongoing updates – this is the secret to success!! Soon, you’ll get a fabulous variety of offers which match your specifications.
  • Visit a hotel’s website and check its reviews before you book . for extensive reviews of any hotel worldwide, visit

Bargain Travel Websites
  • is my #1 all-time favorite. You won’t see the name of your hotel until you book and pay. No worries. Of the 10+ times we’ve used, I’ve never been disappointed. And I am ultra-particular about hotel rooms.
  • (airfare)
  • (air, hotel, car rental)
  • (flash site for hotel)
  • (trip auctions)
For more money-saving sites . . .
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